David Kohn, Your Straight-From-the-Shoulder Consumer Advocate, reveals how you can safeguard your financial nest-egg by learning how to …

Confidently Choose the Best Financial Planner to Manage YOUR Money!


You don’t want just anyone investing your hard-earned cash.

You want someone you can trust who will make your money grow.

Here, in a compact, easy-to-read form, is what you need to know … and the questions you need to ask … to zero in on the right advisor

for you and your money!

About David Kohn

David Kohn is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been in the writing and editing business more than 25 years. He has also written five books, including one on day trading in the stock market.

David specializes in consumer topics such as buying a car, finding a lawyer and discovering the most consumer-friendly banks. He is known for his tenacity and tough questions. His feature and hard news articles have been published more than 800 times in numerous publications, including Business Week, Money, Thomson Sourcebooks, McGraw-Hill periodicals, Newsday and Advertising Age. He was a finalist for the Neal Awards, a prestigious national writing competition.

David has a well-honed talent for simplifying and energizing topics. His journalistic style includes deep research, in-depth analysis, probing questions and thorough coverage, even prompting changes in the law. He enjoys digging into details.

Most significant of all, David doesn’t just write about consumer topics. He lives them. When shopping for a financial adviser he did months of research, then held 2-hour interviews with each prospective financial planner. When investigating whether to buy long-term care insurance, he walked into the agent’s office with a 20-page list of questions.

The same was true when he was buying a house. He did massive research, then created an extensive checklist as his personal guide to finding the right home for his family. The good news: He’s been happy for more than 20 years with the home he bought and he’s been with the same financial planner for several years.

You can tap into the fruits of David’s expertise for yourself with his new e-book, Picking the Right Financial Planner for You!

"I have known David Kohn for nearly 25 years. David is a superb investigative journalist and author. As a writer myself, I have watched him “in action” during interviews; he “digs deep” and gets answers. He is knowledgeable across a wide range of consumer products – especially those to do with insurance, the financial markets, and financial planning. I trust – and take –David’s advice. And I recommend him and his reports to anyone who is seeking honest and comprehensive consumer information."

~Toni Turner, President, Trendstar Trading Group, LLC

"When it come to consumer issues and my wallet, I very much depend on a reporter's honesty, fairness, analytical abilities, and reliability, as well integrity and thoroughness. Qualities not easily come by these days. In the many years I've known David Kohn, he has never disappointed me. He embraces these and many other qualities that continue to make him a go-to resource for the accurate evaluations and analysis I rely on to make wise decisions."

~Sam Bleeker, Futurist and Abstract Artist

Pssst. Want to know the secret to finding just the right financial planner?

So did I. And here’s what I found out:

The secret is not who you know or who has the most convincing sales pitch. It’s having the knowledge of what makes a good financial planner and knowing the right questions to ask. Only then can you unearth the best advisor for you – one you can trust to handle your money – and many other personal financial issues.

Does the process sound a bit intimidating? It can be. After all, this decision can affect your long-term financial future. You don’t want to take it lightly. Worse still, you don’t want to face the potentially life-shattering consequences of making the wrong decision.

Consider the advantages of arming yourself with the right information and most relevant questions before you interview prospective planners:

checkYou, not the planner, will take charge of the interviews.

checkYou’ll save yourself countless hours of floundering around on the Internet trying to do research.

checkYou will impress the planner as someone who must be taken seriously – someone who expects the planner’s best information.

checkYou’ll know what a fee-only planner is – and why that’s so important.

checkYou’ll know within minutes whether the planner you’re interviewing is a real fee-only planner or just pretending.

checkYou’ll know whether the planner’s background meets your standards.

checkYou’ll determine who will be dealing with the oceans of paperwork and e-mails – instead of you.

checkYou’ll make your ultimate decision with confidence.

To be honest, I didn’t write this e-book for you. I was on a personal crusade for myself. I’ve been an investigative journalist for more than two decades. So when I decided to find a dependable financial advisor I could trust to handle my own finances and give me advice, I approached the job the way I did with any professional assignment: leaving no stones unturned.

After months of extensive investigation and meetings with a broad range of financial planners, I learned the ropes. I discovered what to ask, what to look for, how to research and how to question. I found the right financial planner for me. And then … I decided to share what I learned with you! (By the way, I’ve had that same financial advisor for several years – and have never had a moment of regret.)

That’s what Picking the Right Financial Planner for You is all about. It guides you through a step-by-step process that reveals the information you must have before choosing the financial planner who’s right for your needs – and your temperament.

In it, you will discover:

buttonbg3The 21 pivotal questions you must ask. (Page 16)

buttonbg3What an ADV form is and how to use it. (Page 3)

buttonbg3Why a fee-only planner is the best kind of planner. (Page 3)

buttonbg3The 19 elements of a sound financial plan. (Page 12)

buttonbg3How to determine who will do the actual work. (Page 9)

buttonbg3What a fiduciary is and why it’s so essential. (Page 4)

buttonbg3What to look for in your planner’s background. (Page 5)

buttonbg3How to assess the planner's plan. (Page 14)

buttonbg3What to ask about how well they’ve done – or not – for their clients. (Page 8)

buttonbg3How to determine if you are the right kind of client for the planner. (Page 10)

buttonbg3How best to follow up with your planner. (Page 14)

buttonbg3Must-ask questions about a planner’s qualifications. (Page 6)

buttonbg3The keys to understanding how the planning process will work. (Page 11)

buttonbg3Tips to unearth how the planner is paid. (Page 8)

buttonbg3How to make sure you have the degree of control you want. (Page 9)

buttonbg3Which questions the planner will have for you. (Page 15)

buttonbg3Why you and your planner should have different research sources. (Page 11)

buttonbg3How to check up on your planner. (Page 7)

“David Kohn's Picking the Right Financial Planner For You report is packed with extremely valuable information to consider prior to making your choice of the Planner who is perfect for your needs. This is a "no nonsense" approach and includes a checklist of critical information to cull out of your meetings with Planning candidates. Don't rely on others' recommendations, because their needs will not match yours. Use David's guidelines and sleep soundly, knowing your family's financial security is in good hands!"
~ Jack Singer, Author, "The Financial Advisor's ULTIMATE Stress Mastery Guide"

"I had a financial planner but wasn’t impressed with the results. However, unraveling the confusion regarding choosing the right financial planner was driving me crazy before I read David Kohn’s e-book. I discovered so many things I hadn’t previously asked about or understood. Heeding his warnings and armed with his crucial checklist in hand, I’ll now be able to talk intelligently and confidently about my specific needs. And that will make all the difference in choosing a planner I trust to provide the best advice for my financial future."
~ Rosalind Sedacca, Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network

"I’ve known David Kohn for more than 20 years. We first met when we were reporters at a newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona. I learned from first-hand experience that David is skilled at asking endless questions and deeply researching any topic you send his way. Recently, I was the beneficiary of David’s knowledge about consulting companies that advise people on how to select a Medicare plan. And his research on financial planners has set me on the path to seeking out similar advice concerning applying for Social Security. If you’re looking for someone who can drill down to the important details and lay out all the pertinent facts, David is your man."
~ Tom Ellis, President, Ellis Communications, Inc., Springfield, Missouri

"David and I met ​more than ​20 years ago, and I have had a front row seat watching him expand his skills and knowledge throughout his distinguished career. His integrity, attention to detail, and thoroughness are remarkable as is his willingness to focus on issues of great benefit to others. The ​ ​virtual elimination of defined benefit pension plans over the past 30 years has made it imperative for most of us to rely heavily on the advice of others in an environment where seemingly small differences in rates of return can cause major damage to our living standards. David's work in this area ​is of vital importance to many."
~Dick Sifton, Retired Corporate Investment Manager

Making the right decision, the first time around, will not just save you tons of time. It also can boost your net worth many times over. In addition, it also can keep you from losing a bundle in risky or poorly calculated investments.

In fact, this decision can serve as the foundation for generating enough wealth to make you financially independent. But you must do your homework.

And that begins with Picking the Right Financial Planner for You.

My comprehensive 17-page e-book is filled with red flags to avoid and decision-making insights you need to confidently find the best expert for you.

The Top 21 Questions List alone will save you money and countless hours of aggravation by avoiding unnecessary fees, commissions, service charges and other often-overlooked conflicts of interest. But that's not all. You'll be armed with the 19 elements every plan should contain so you don't miss a single important element. Plus you'll also be prepared with the 18 crucial questions that reveal how the planner will work with you. Believe me, they'll sit up and pay attention when you start addressing this list! 

Surprisingly, the price I’m asking for this wealth of valuable content is less than $20 – an amount you’ll likely spend today on lunch, coffee, some socks, gum and other unimportant incidentals.

And that’s only if you agree with me 100% that Picking the Right Financial Planner for You has indeed given you the “inside secrets” of choosing your financial planner wisely.

If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why …

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David Kohn

Your Straight-From-the-Shoulder Consumer Advocate

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